Which card?

Looking at either PayPal CC or Amazon CC

I use amex a lot but would be nice to have something to use where amex is not accepted.

I was thinking between these two but welcome to other options?

Wait for the Starling CC ez

Is that actually coming? Like confirmed anywhere?

Definitely coming

Should be Q4 this year I thjnk

any blog post on this or announcement or anything at all?

Yes they’ve announced it for ‘the second half of 2019’

well thanks for that. I will be waiting for this then

Where are the details for PayPal cc? I can only see the business debit card available here?

I had an Amazon card which is actually provided by New Day Ltd, I was given a decent limit but have only used it once. Like you I use an Amex, and Starling where its not accepted. I’d love a Starling credit card, but based on my low overdraft and the fact that I’m not eligible for a loan I’m not sure if even qualify for a starling credit card. They do seem to have quite strict lending policies

So, outside of Starling, just to keep conversation flowing, what other credit cards would people recommend? I still have a Vanquis card in a drawer somewhere with a pretty decent £4000 limit and a Tesco Bank credit card but can’t remember the limit.

Aqua Rewards 0.5% cashback although they didn’t issue me a card with contactless capabilities

I use curve to get around it but I wish they’d give me an Apple Pay compatible card to begin with

NatWest reward (especially if you also have the reward current account): 0.5-1% cashback.

+1 for the NatWest Reward credit card after great advice on here!
I closed my MBNA one recently, after Lloyds butchered the app. The recent reviews say it all really.

I did have an Amex one but it became annoying always asking ‘do you take amex’ and having 2 cards to manage. I like to keep these things simple!

One day I think we will see Amazon Bank

It is only question of time.

Ok, I’m sure the savvy among us already know about this and I do not have a single credit card linked in any way to Paypal and nor would I, but for anyone that isn’t aware, this is worth knowing: