Which web browser do you use?

Ok, everyone has their favourite web browser that they use day in day out. I personally prefer Firefox, been using it for the last few years. It certainly gets updated frequently.

So as of 17th November, they have now introduced HTTPS only mode as an option.

I’ve enabled HTTPS only on my own browser and so far, it hasn’t caused any issues with any of the websites I’ve been using.

I’ve also completely disabled Adobe Flash player on all of my computers seeing as product support will end on 31 December 2020.

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Safari on my iPhone and Mac at home but spend most of my day using Brave at work.

Still using Chrome, though it’s not the browser it used to be - slow and buggy. Using Chromium on my works PC as my employers inexplicably used group policy to ban some of the browser add-ins I need to do my job.

The Chromium-based ‘all new’ Edge is fine, too.

Firefox fell out of favour with me some time ago - Can’t remember why though. Maybe it’s worth another look.

Liked the idea of Brave until they started injecting their referral codes into links.

Edge - Windows, Safari - Mac iOS.

Safari user here. Although when not an option, any WebKit browser besides chrome will do. Edge is used in their rare instance I’m on Windows.

Glad to see flash player finally reach end of life. I ditched it completely about 5 or 6 years ago, and just stopped using any website that remained insistent on it.

Anytime a work place tried to force it, I raised it as an accessibility issue, and they quickly found an alternative.

Web standards are good. Proprietary crap can stay in the 1990s where it belongs.

+1 for  Safari

Been using Brave on the phone for what feels like years.

I’ve almost forgotten what an advert is.

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Chrome here.
Laptop, Chromebook, phone, tablet. All Chrome.
Yes it has it’s faults, but suits my need perfectly.

Chromium on Linux desktop.
Atlas on Android, purely because it still does text wrap properly.
Also Firefox on Android for some extensions but only an older version since Mozilla broke that functionality back in September.

Mostly Firefox on desktop and laptop with a bit of Safari. Mostly Safari on iOS.

Does anyone have one of the new ARM macs? I heard Chromium based things are draining battery quite heavily due to the lack of having been ported over to a universal app

Waiting for mine atm and it won’t be here until mid-December unfortunately

Firefox. I love Mozilla’s ethos, they stand for everything that the internet should have been. And I appreciate all the add-ons that mitigate the loss of privacy e.g. PrivacyBadger, Multi-Account Containers, uBlock Origin, NoScript etc. I wonder if the new Firefox version makes HTTPS Everywhere (another add-on) redundant. Need to look into this.

I generally trust Safari (my main browser on iOS because Firefox for iOS has no distinguishing features), but it’s protections are not fine-grained enough. I never am quite sure what its various content blocking settings can and cannot block and why. So I use it as a backup e.g. if I want to shop on a website I trust but don’t want Firefox add-ons blocking random scripts when I’m halfway through a payment.

UPDATE: Just discovered that Firefox Focus (more privacy) on iOS can now be set as the default browser, which wasn’t the case a few days ago. Great news! Will switch from Safari to Focus on my phone and see how it goes.

I use a mix of Chrome and Firefox on Windows, though I’ve gradually been trying to shift more and more to Firefox. That’s the only browser I use on Linux.

Safari on iOS.
Safari or Chrome on Mac.
Chrome on Chromebook (unsurprisingly).
Edge or Chrome on work Windows machine.

(I don’t like Edge but I can sideload an adblocker, whereas our Chrome settings are locked down to prohibit extensions.)

Firefox on everything (Windows, Mac & iOS).

Opera on Windows, Safari on Apple products.

@Recchan I have the new  M1 MacBook Pro, I don’t use Chrome, so I can’t say for sure, but I can tell you the battery life is amazing.

Chrome usually eats more power than Safari, and the fact that it’s not ARM compatible, might take a bit more, but most likely you’re probably not going to notice, because the battery life is amazing (I know I said it before :sweat_smile:)

Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 11.40.45

I’ve just noticed that you can now download Chrome for Arm

You can see it’s Apple under architecture, not Intel.


Thanks to all for all of the responses. It’s interesting to see what other folks are using browser wise.

I guess if you’re using Apple products, then sticking with Safari is the obvious choice and I indeed use it on my own iPhone XR.

For everything else, I’m Windows 10. I’m no fan of Edge hence my personal preference for Firefox. I’m also absolutely no fan of Chrome. I’ve tried it, but just don’t like it. Opera, I gave that a try too, but again, it didn’t float my boat.

The missus uses Opera on her personal laptop.

It’s alright, but I find it renders pages slightly oddly.

I’m actually an Edge user, but I appreciate that the Chrome team was quick with this :slight_smile:

Hopefully Microsoft is gonna be on the ball and roll the ARM version out; my Mac is coming somewhere along mid-December so I still have a bit of time !

Need it to hurry up though tbh… wish I preordered it instead of waiting for reviewers to get it haha