Why does this not work?


Make it work init :upside_down_face:

Yeah, I’m going to need more details…

What where you trying to do, what did you expect it to do?
A partial screen grab (sans url bar) from a screen I don’t recognise it about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

It’s where you add your name and it would look like this

image *

*From Monzo

https://community.fintechtalk.co.uk/u/ danny/preferences/account

Actually it was working when the forum first was setup

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Hmm, I can edit that field.
Anyone else experiencing same issue?


It shows in the profile tab etc for me but not on comments themselves like it does on Monzo for me

Edit: looking at the Curve forum theirs does the same thing. It shows Moderator or Curve Employee or such under the username (would this be groups they’re in?) but doesn’t show ‘real names’ under the user.

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You can edit and put stuff there but it does not display on the main forum

So far as I can see, it should work…

Perhaps it might be something that is broken in the current release?

@Liam - I’m not sure, but maybe this option will show it?



Got it. Cheers.

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