Will custom duties return after Brexit?

With the Brexit I wonder if custom duties will back again in UK-Eu transacitons…

IN buying something from EU and, vice versa, when EU members purchase something from UK the European Union members will have to pay a fee?

With Soft Brexit may be we can be saved from this? :thinking:

What is UE?

99% of all my business purchases come from China etc so Brexit will have absolutely no affect on my business from that aspect.

As from the EU if its under a certain value then there is no duty due if its a gift anyway, so people just mark it as a gift. That’s post Brexit. It’s how I get lots of things sent to me duty free, the rules don’t change because its the EU unless the EU and UK agree changes.

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Uropean Eunion


No, no.

Who are UE? :grinning:

Union of European members :hugs:

Wouldn’t that be UEM?

And time of delivery?

With goods blocked for examination when they enter in UK or vice versa they enter in a European Country?

Contrary to popular believe items sent to some European countries have to clear customers anyway. It may affect countries like France and Germany where its not customs cleared, but it won’t affect most other countries.

I send a lot abroad, and you can tell the difference in countries that custom clear and those that don’t.

The rules on clearing for non EU countries is published here https://trade.ec.europa.eu/tradehelp/eu-import-procedures

HMRC have issued companies that need an EORI number automatically, in fact I received mine last week without even requesting one.

UE = Union européenne (French)


or United Europe :dizzy: