Wombat ideal app for a beginner?

Hey squad,
Lately I have started showing interest in investing as it is a good opportunity atm. I’ve looked into couple apps and my mind landed on wombat. I found it fun to use, it can do auto-investing for me, so I don’t need to put my hands on it, as well to my knowledge it has a good spread of companies?
Have you noticed any other tricks and perks? ohhhh, as well have you tried themed funds? Which one should I go for. Ideas?

Do you have any connection to this firm?

Well, I am using their app? And just thought to get other people opinions on the funds so I make the best decision.

He means a connection as in do you benefit in any way from the firm doing well or are you getting paid to advertise etc

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No, just have had this app and mentioned it as I thought it would be relevant since I am using it. As well I am asking for other wombat users opinions about funds they have.