Work/life balance at Goldman Sachs

While I appreciate investment banking is different from retail banking, in light of this article I actually feel ashamed my savings are with Marcus. I need to find an alternative provider (or might just use my current account given interest rates are so pitiful as the moment).


Does it really matter? There’s plenty of jobs in the banking sector and with experience at Sachs they could move relatively easily to competition

They’re not on salaries that would stop them from saving either, so there’s really no reason to pity them. They can quit

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I believe it does. It’s about individual values I suppose. And my values tell me this isn’t good.


Yeah, It wasn’t acceptable when Revolut was alleged to have exploited some of its employees and this really isn’t right either.

People should be entitled to a life outside of work.


Revolut didn’t actually exploit anyone though if you remember correctly, they told people that if they didn’t hit targets they’d fire them; to meet targets, management asked why they weren’t making it up in their own time

Which is reasonable, finish your work on their time or lose your job / catch up in your time

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I don’t understand people outside of GS getting so animated about the internal work culture of an investment bank.

Having Goldman on your CV makes you supremely employable, and there are plenty of jobs in the sector.

If people don’t want to work long hours at a top-tier investment bank, they’re free not to.

I suspect the reason people are willing to sell their soul to GS is that they’re highly competitive and ambitious, and want to be surrounded by likeminded people, in a place that succeeds mightily, and which rewards staff fairly for their time.

Otherwise, they’d just leave.

My “individual values” tell me to live and let live. If consenting adults want to work at Revolut and Goldman, we are in no position to moralise or judge their choice.

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I was just about to wade in and give a compelling case for the “victims” of Goldman Sachs.

Then I read this:

…and decided to save my breath.

Unless folk are being bullied in the process, I agree with all this :point_up:t3:. (If there’s unfair practice happening, take them to the cleaners - otherwise… crack on. :relieved: