Yolt - bank support

Apparently Marcus has been added to Yolt…

Strange how they’re using manual scraping (insecure where you enter in your actual passwords as opposed to going to the underlying bank’s website to provide permission) for new integrations, in the age of Open Banking.

That’s my main concern with using tools like Emma or Yolt. The majority of the integrations are done using screen scraping. It all seems a bit of a gray area to me when it comes to giving out banking details to a 3rd party, regulated or not.


To be fair, I don’t use Yolt with my main account.

I do however use it linked with Starling, Monzo and Marcus (did have my credit card linked, but that’s since cleared).

Just more to test it out

I need an account aggregator for my account aggregators these days :joy:

Spreadsheet is still the only way I handle my different accounts.

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The issue with Open Banking so far is most of the smaller companies out there aren’t using it. As per this list on the Emma community there’s quite a few with “no plans”

Still rocking a spreadsheet as well… for my budget… still have a dream an app could take over from it :upside_down_face:

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FYI this integration was a bit broken, it’s now fixed in the new update. It does work well.