YouGov referral

Not sure if anyone fancies signing up to YouGov.

Well-known and reasonably reputable polling company (I say reasonably, because very occasionally you wonder how a question got through their approval process!).

You usually get 25 or 50 points for a survey, along with some prize draw ones. Once you get to 5000 points you can convert it to £50 cash - I’ve managed this a couple of times.

If you sign up with my link and complete 6 surveys, I’ll get 200 points (yay! £2!) and you get the joy of doing the surveys… :slight_smile: )

Done five surveys - hopefully the sixth will come through soon…

But wow, how do you keep it up to 5000 points? That’s a lot of work for 50 quid


I’ve got into a rhythm of giving them as little info as I can get away with (a lot of don’t knows especially when I think the question will lead me into an extra subsection.)

When they ask for brand you know just choose one or two, then when you get the multiple choice on positive/negative/good value etc cost none (or maybe the odd one).

I can usually get through a ‘12 minute’ survey in 3-4 mins max.

I think it’s down to practice :grinning: