YouTube Verify Your Age

I just tried to watch a music video via the YouTube app on my Fire TV stick, I recieved a notification saying I need to verify my age and a QR code/link to do as such…

I follow the link and arrive at this page…

I’ve a YouTube Premium subscription and my email is hosted as a Google Apps account with them, I’ve no credit card and dislike the idea of them holding my licence or ID.

I guess it’s off to Spotify. :frowning:


That’s weird. I’m a Premium user too, so I’ll watch out for the prompt…:flushed:

Are you signed into your Google account on the Fire Stick?

Yep, worst thing is the form WILL NOT accept my birthday or any other valid day stating to input a valid date!?

Google is being scummy again and wants even more information. What a surprise.


I can’t even input my age and am told it’s an invalid date, I call the YouTube team who say they can’t help as I’ve a custom domain…

I then go to ask the Google Workplace/Apps (or whatever they call themselves this month) team who say I’ve a legacy account and if I want help pay… when it’s their error.

Needless to say I’ve cancelled Premium and moved to alternate PAID productions for my email, notes and photos.


For the record my brother got this on YouTube and it didn’t need to be credit, it’s just Americans call everything credit card


Doesn’t that defeat the point of the “age check”?

You need to be 18 to have a credit card, therefore having a credit card proves that you are over the age of 18.

If a debit card works, that doesn’t prove you are over 18 at all and makes the entire idea of a check a waste of time!


I think a lot of places just assume if you have a card then you’re probably an adult.

I remember when I was a kid and I had one of those nationwide kids cards. The design of those cards was very similar to their credit cards at the time.

I went to Asda with my grandma and decided to I wanted to spend my hard earned pocket money on a chess set, so I went and withdrew £30. An Asda employee saw me and decided I shouldn’t have a card and took it and the money off me, called the cops and told them I’d stolen someone’s bank card. She was convinced I’d nicked my dad’s credit card because children can’t have bank accounts!

My grandma eventually came in to locate me and see what was taking so long, so it was eventually cleared up and I got my chess set, but what a traumatic experience.


I forgot I even posted this thread, I got pissed off one evening and tried my Starling card… Indeed it works with any old card.

Whoever wrote the page was in my opinion an idiot anyway as the age check form is VERY broken (I tried multiple browsers on desktop and mobile) so forgetting to check if it’s a credit card wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

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I do hope someone got in serious trouble for that, it sounds incredibly scary for a child and very much a waste of Police time.


Did your grandma file a complaint? I’d want compensation from ASDA for traumatising my grandchildren and wasting my time lol

Furthermore I think generally when a child steals a parents card, A) that’s a family issue or B) they have the PIN so it’s authorised use?


They use the same age check for everything lol, my brother got an age check for being under 13 and I used my debit card to unblock it for him as he had some accounts linked to it

But yeah, credit doesn’t mean credit. Google knows in Europe especially the credit appetite here isn’t as big as back home, so I imagine they feel the need to not alienate those without credit

But they should probably think about their localisation more


I don’t recall what happened in the aftermath after leaving or if any formal complaint was made by my grandma or parents, but she wasn’t best pleased with the staff in the store, and the manager was very apologetic at the time. My grandma knew how to hold a grudge though, so that was the last time she ever shopped at Asda.


It would be for me too!

I don’t blame her.

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