Zeux referral

£40 seems a bit desperate…

I’ve only glanced at the terms, so check carefully if you want to take advantage of this.

Join Zeux and we both get £40 Zeux credit in the 5% Easy Access account. Referral code: YSYRFR http://bit.ly/download-zeux

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Zeux is a newly launched FinTech app that allows you to:

  • Open savings and investment accounts seamlessly
  • Track and monitor your spending
  • Enable cryptocurrency payments/conversions (fee free)

On top of that, Zeux have recently opened an Easy Access eSaver with a mouthwatering 5% interest rate.

If you sign up to Zeux using my referral code (0ZODU0) and verify your identity, we will both receive a £40 reward towards our respective savings accounts!

iOS App: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/zeux-pay-bank-invest/id1384796487

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zeux.finapp

Referral Code: 0ZODU0

How to enter referral code:

  • On the home tab, click “Earn More”
  • Select the option for “5% Easy Access Money Pot”
  • Select “Next”
  • At the bottom of that screen select “Enter Referral Code”
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Be careful, this savings account isn’t covered by FSCS…


There was some comparison with Dozens on the Monzo forum a while back.

Starting about here

It’s much riskier than traditional savings, as it’s only backed by the assets of Zeux and Wecash. Good luck getting money off them if they go bust…

But rinsing them for referral credit is pretty low risk. It might also be a good place to hold small amounts you want to put in a dozens bond in between issuances.

The card is issued by Cornercard, so they haven’t opted for one of the big card issuers, I assume due to the cryptocurrency aspect of the account.

Protection wise, despite not having FSCS protection, Cornercard is actually a company wholly owned by a licenced bank with passport rights in the UK. So the risk should be lower than a traditional new FinTech, from the money aspect. And Zeux is FCA regulated so they will check the money is safe under safeguarding rules.

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Very quick

The app though hasn’t changed substantially since launch. I was sort of expecting this to coincide with a new product or something :man_shrugging:

OK, so the plot becomes clearer.

You get £40 in the instant access saver that accrues interest, but can’t be withdrawn.

100% not clear from the wording. It makes them look more scammy, which is not a good look for a crypto thing.

So basically they pay you interest on the money they give you, but the money they give you is worthless?

It seems so.

You’ll get 5% on £40, but not the £40 itself.

So, £2 a year… Assuming rates stay the same. And you’ll have to wait a full year for that to accrue…

I did wonder how they could afford it and there’s the explanation :slight_smile:

Yeah a very different proposition, £2 and keeping a customer for a year and having a year to market to them is very different to £40 lol


Why specifically deposit £1520?

Anyways - Zeux is tempting me but wew I’d be eh without the FSCS

I’m guessing they’re £40 credits from referrals. As in, @anon91059607 may not have deposited anything…

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Bro if they do that I’m going on a shilling spree I’ll eat that like a fine booty


Sweet, sweet referral sign ups.


I got interested and bit into the Zeux meme

The credit sucks tbh

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Blimey how did you get 38 referrals?

I guess that’s about £6 they will be giving you a month in interest for finding customers. Shame you can’t transfer that credit. :moneybag:

They’ve done a great job of hiding the details. Virtually misselling…

If anything, this has just cemented the view that they’re a less than transparent operation.


Just over £6PM, mate.

Persuasion is the name of the game… also posting on Reddit referral communities.

Over £2.5k in referral credit now.

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