Ziglu signup plus referral bonus

Ziglu has just launched

£25 signup bonus until midnight on 31 July, plus £5 with my code

We want to reward you with £5 for every friend you introduce to the Ziglu community (subject to our terms and conditions) and, to welcome them, they get £5 as well! This is in addition to the £25 sign up bonus they receive.

After your friend has opened their Ziglu account they can visit https://bit.ly/2OcS1PD and provide your unique code iarR5.

Once your friend has filled in this short form you will both be credited with £5 into your respective Ziglu accounts.

To make things easier just send this message to everyone you would like to refer to Ziglu:

"To get £30 download the Ziglu app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. £25 will be credited straight away. When you have opened your account visit https://bit.ly/2OcS1PD and provide your unique code iarR5 to have £5 credited to your account.”

Together we can make crypto accessible to everyone

Looks interesting. I saw the other thread too - tried to sign up but the app doesn’t work on iOS 14 yet and I don’t have a backup device (living dangerously) so can’t use it yet. Will use your code and post mine here once I can, but I think the promotion may (sadly) be over by then!

Yeah, I’d be surprised if they extend this beyond the end of the month.

Do you think everyone will just open an account and then withdraw the £25?

They currently offer just four cryptocurrrencies, charge a 1.25% fee to buy and don’t let you transfer to an external wallet. Plus crypto is the whole offering - no suggestion they’ll add other services. So, I don’t see how they’ll survive for long without strong development.

I can’t see the point of leaving any money in the app. Better off transferring it out and buying elsewhere :man_shrugging:

From their website:
“We’re also busy building a multi-currency account, and a full Mastercard debit card, allowing you to invest or spend in any currency, anytime, anywhere.”

Depending how things go it might be a good alternative to Revolut for a multi-currency card.


I just signed up and noticed all their sign up promos have no ended. It didn’t work on my phone yesterday so I missed it as only got access to another one today.

I’m not sure it’s a good thing to end launch promos etc. without notice. I wonder how few customers they were expecting.