A wealth of experience in various industries and specialities.

Has worked in a large number of insurance areas including, marine cargo, marine hull and machinery, aviation non-marine, household and personal effects, livestock, bloodstock, freight defense and demurage, protection and indemnity, life assurance, health insurance, etc, in both placing and claims roles, direct insurance, reinsurance and retrocession. While working as an insurance broker he voluntarily registered himself with the then IBRC in order to be bound by their Code of Practice.

He has worked for a friendly society and served on the loans committee, supervisory committee, and board of a credit union.

He has been a director of a computer services company and worked in IT departments in both private industry and the civil service.

He has experience in pharmaceutical and dental industries on both sales and education sides, and has provided strategic advice to biotech and other life science SMEs and start ups.

He has had experience registering firms for VAT, with Data Protection register, and taking proceedings to both the Patent Office tribunal and the High Court.

He has acted as advisor to various US and German financial and pharmaceutical companies, MPs and a member of the Privy Council.

Prefered pronoun: They /Them/Their/Their’s (the epicene singular pronoun)